Pretty Blue Butterfly

This was another discovery purchase I made at Berjaya Times Square. Have had a thing for butterflies so had to get it and my hands itched on what I could design with it.

Price: RM8 (SOLD)

Length: 3.5cm


Cool Blue

Saw these stones at Amcorp Mall and thought that they were good to have with me. Was inspired by a pair of earings worn by some model in some magazine, for the life of me can’t remember already. These are the darkest blue that I have seen, almost indigo.

Price: RM6

Length: 5cm


I love the earing connectors I got from Berjaya Times Square and with the tribal look that it already had I came up with this.

Price: RM12

Length: 8.5cm SOLD

Rimba Girl

These were of course inspired by the earth colours that I have and I have always loved long dangly earings. The bracelet was a request by my friend Nida. I didn’t want to put too much of the stuff dangling as it may get in the way especially if you intend to wear it work. Made with green pearls, peach coloured fresh water pearls, brown swarovskis, leaf charms, and dark brown pearls.


Earings: 5cm

Bracelet: 18cn


Earings: RM12 SOLD

Bracelet: RM15 SOLD

East meets West

A trip down to my wholesale supplier and I found this oriental glass beads which was love at first sight. This was what I came up with. I guess it’s the chinese part of me that made me come up with this… :p

Price: RM8 SOLD

Length: 7cm

Bloody Mary & Pink Lady.

I always thought that red and black are the best colour combination hence this piece I created. Just something for people who like it chunky on the wrist.

Price: RM5

Length: 7 1/2cm

Created a pair of earings to go with it. I also have them in other colours like green. They are 2cm in length and are RM2 each.














If you notice above, there is also a pink pair of earings which is different from the rest. I call it Pink Lady whereby the Length is 3cm and it costs about RM8.

Key rings

This was a suggestion from my friend Shirley who was admiring my bag but thought it was too simple and she said you should make some bead stuff to make the bad look a lot more lively. Made from a variety of stones swarovsky crystals, charms as well as fresh water pearls….. The first picture is known as Alice in Wonderland and the bottom one is known as Secret Garden.

Price: RM10

Length: 7cm

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