Beading Workshop at Lara’s Place SS2

Somewhere earlier this year, I decided to take the leap of faith and conduct a workshop. I’m not that established as a beader but I needed to start somewhere and so I started looking for a suitable venue.

Lara’s Place came into mind and so I contacted them. They have all kinds of classes for children and adults.

The workshop was held last week and there were 3 adults, 1 teen and a child. We made one pair of simple earings, and 2 types of bracelets; one using a fishing line and the other using eye pins and jump rings.

It was a pretty fun time and one of the participants now has booked me for another workshop in 3 weeks time. 🙂

Below are some photos for your perusal. Sorry didn’t get any good pictures of the end products.


Oriental Series

Very similar to something that I did before. The orevious pair is sold out and the chinese in me wanted to do something similar. Best for both casual and formal.


Tribal Series

If you look at some earlier posts, there were other posts on the Tribal series. This is similar yet very different in terms of colour. Best worn with a classic white summer dress or the white shirt and blue jeans combo. Of course be brave enough to try out other styles.

Price:RM18  SOLD