Tribal Series

For those of you love colours 🙂


New stuff!! (SOLD)

I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything. To be honest, I have been busy with work and also doing some ‘soul searching’ about some directions in my life. After much thinking and pondering, Sha’s Accessories is back and is here to grow, and grow, and grow! So please find below some of the stuff that I have come up with:

Hutan Rimba series:

This is part of my Rimba series: RM12

I think I want to name this Classico. You can’t go wrong with a black and white necklace! It is suitable for both formal and casual: RM8

I would like to call this Mystique Garden. It’s got the character of a garden what with the flower and leave charms and not to forget the green beeds but I like the mystical effect of the blue and if you notice there is a blue heart connector that I’ve used as part of the bracelet’s ‘clasp’: RM16

This is definately my favourite. It’s called Peach Butterflies and is best suited for a sweet and demure personality; one who likes girly stuff like flowers and butterflies: RM14

Introducing my Sparkly Series. I find that there are many who love sparkly stuff so here’s one of it: RM12

Another one in my Sparkly Series: RM6

This is also something that I’m very proud of. Remember those Ivy earings I had made, well introducing it’s bracelet to you: RM14

I went shopping recently and discovered some really nice pretty colourful stuff and voila! Came up with this and I shall call it Colours of the Wind. A real perk me up for a dull day! 🙂 : RM12

This is part of my Candy Girl series. You’ll know why if you take a look at my previous posts. A little bit on the chunky side just like the rest and my advice is not everybody can pull this off. You know who you are : RM10

Queen of Hearts; to complement the bracelet. For the convenience of those who like to wear things in sets but of course you can buy them separately if you want. The choice is yours: RM10

Turquoise Deluxe

I really must apologise for lacking the ability to give better names to my masterpieces. I thought that was the easiest thing to do but apparently not. Sometimes I just go ahead with the name that comes first into my mind. I had a different picture in my mind when I made this piece but somehow I must say that I kinda like how it turned out to be though very different. It was quite a monotonous thing to do and in between made other stuff which spurred out in my mind.

Length: 29 1/2cm

Price: RM15

Queen Elizabeth

I find this piece most suitable for formal evening gowns. Made with original fresh water pearls from Sabah.

Price: RM95

Length: 30cm